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Since a young age, I have always been very creative. As a child, I was constantly painting and drawing. Discovering makeup as a teenager was just another way to express myself through painting, where instead of a canvas, I used my face to paint on.

Wanting to further develop my creative skills, I went on to study Fine Arts followed by Fashion Design. But after working in the fashion industry for a few years, I realized that something was missing. I missed painting faces. I wanted to have a career where I could combine all my creative passions - fashion, painting, drawing, and makeup!

I left the fashion industry and became a makeup artist in retail. This is where I learned the most about natural, enhancing, and anti-aging makeup. I learned the importance of looking natural in daylight and the makeup-no makeup look.

I then took my craft to the next level by enrolling in the prestigious Glauca Rossi Fashion Makeup School in London, where I further developed my skills in fashion, beauty, and commercial makeup.

It was only natural for me to also pursue hair styling, as I wanted to be able to complete my makeup looks with the right hairstyles. Now, apart from makeup, I really love hairstyling as it reminds me of sculpting that I loved so much when studying fine arts.

My absolute favorite hair and makeup looks to create are natural, radiant, glowy makeup that enhances and defines someone's features, combined with effortless hairstyles. I also love creating more out there glam red carpet worthy makeup paired with chic polished hair looks.

Recent Work

I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of photo shoots and weddings recently. From bold and dramatic looks for fashion editorials to natural and timeless styles for bridal shoots, I've loved exploring the different possibilities and bringing my clients' visions to life.

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